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Custom made rods and repair services provided for all rod brands.

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Personalized Quality Service

There is only one way to properly service and repair your fishing reel
Completely break it down, thoroughly clean and inspect every single part, and put the fishing reel back together again using the highest quality lubricants and OEM parts.

Every fishing reel is thoroughly inspected to determine exactly what repair work is required. An estimate of replacement parts, labor, shipping and tax costs is made. We provide that information to the customer before any work is started. The customer decides what repair work is done to the fishing reel.

After the repair work is completed we thoroughly clean each fishing reel by hand. As the reel is reassembled only top-grade lubricants are used.

As a final step we use a special exterior treatment that will have your fishing reel looking like new. We take great pride in returning a serviced fishing reel that works and looks like it just came out of the box.

Frequent Asked Quetions

  • How long will it take to get my reel /rod back, when I send it in?

  • Less than 10 days, longer if parts are out of stock.

  • Why should I get my reel serviced?

  • To protect your investment, servicing your reel significantly increases its service life.

  • The drag "brake" on my reel slips.

  • If you are using a braided lines, the spool harbor is probably not tight enough, you can use tape or mono backing to fix it.

  • Can you upgrade my drag washer?

  • Yes, we can.

  • My reel feels smooth but it is noisy, what is wrong?

  • Ball bearings get noisy from moisture and wear. We can replace the bad bearings.

  • My reel is now 2 years old and works fine, should I get it completely cleaned?

  • Yes, we can remove all the original dirty lubricants and start fresh for lasting performance.

  • My reel is sluggish, has a feeling of resistance, is it wore out?

  • It probably has old grease or too much grease, complete cleaning is required.

  • Do you charge for repair estimates?

  • Only the shipping fee if not repaired.